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Marianne Verheul is family law specialist. She works as a lawyer and divorce mediator. She has a great deal of experience in family law and can provide you with support and advice on such matters as divorce, prenuptial agreements, divorce mediation, alimony, parenting plans, health care and contact arrangements as well as inheritance law.


She provides assistance for a wide range of separations and many of herclients include business people or their partners. Business people who own a restaurant, hotel, employment agency or farm, to garage owners, doctors, bankers, directors, dentists, account managers and so on.


Because of the diversity of our clients, she constantly seek customized solutions. A great deal needs to be arranged business-wise and financially, which is hard for people who are experiencing strong emotions. Marianne Verheul can provide you with information and advice about your position and expertly assist you during the proceedings.


Please contact Marianne Verheul for questions about this sector.

The obligation to pay alimony is only cancelled if your ex-wife lives with her boyfriend. The court does not readily assume cohabitation, because the consequences are far-reaching.

A divorce is drastic. Apart from the emotions that play a role, a lot needs to be arranged business-wise and financially. It is often difficult to know what needs to be agreed. It is therefore advisable to engage a specialized lawyer or a divorce mediator in good time to stay in control of the matter.

Before a divorce can be applied for, parents must have drawn up a parenting plan. The parenting plan should be discussed with the children. The plan should include arrangements for: the division of the care and upbringing tasks, the sharing of the costs of the children and how the parents will inform and consult one another about the children.

The judge will try to fit in with the situation during the marriage. The interest of the children must always come first. The wishes of children older than 12 will also be taken into account.

You can start court proceedings against the other heirs and ask the court to determine how the estate should be divided.

Sector facts

  • At least 1/3 of all marriages in the Netherlands end in divorce.
  • In all divorce proceedings a lawyer or a divorce lawyer-mediator is required.
  • Often, the consequences of the divorce are settled by means of consultation with both partners and lawyers.
  • Nine out of ten Dutch people think that the interests of children in divorce always has a higher priority than he interests of the ex-partners.
  • Most Dutch people (62%) believe that partner maintenance should be paid up to 5 years (source: TNS NIPO, "scheiden in Nederland 2011").
  • Click here to read the column "Scheiden anno 2011" (“Divorce in the year 2011”) and other columns in Lourens magazine.

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